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Happy New You Dec. 2018 Blog

Happy New YOU 2019

We are here to honor every part of our journey , there are no parts of us that we need to throw away , there are no parts of us that we need to regret. However, that does not mean we can’t reflect on who we have been, what we have been, or who and what we are becoming.

The truth is that so many of us do not want to go inward. Many of us say it’s dark, it’s painful, it’s something that I don’t even want to think about. I mean, why would we want to think about the time we never got a hug from mom or dad? Never having a father figure. Always getting physically abused from the adult who cared for us, who was living with pain within in themselves. Molested and raped, by a loved one and silenced to fear that our parent or guardian would shame us if we spoke the truth.

Or, as in my experience, I would be afraid of being shamed into thinking I am too frisky, act too grown, and always disrespectful in an adults face etc.etc.etc.. Or when I, at the age of 3, was conditioned to think God believes it’s terrible that I like to sing and dance. I thought the devil was after me, because I was not loved by God. If the adults in my life knew better they would have done better. I often wonder why we were never taught that we bring all into this life what we love to do naturally, that these natural inclings are called the gifts from God.

All of our traumas and conditionings have played out in our lives for a reason and we, as a collective, have held onto our pain long enough. We can no longer hide from the universe. The current new energy is shining a light on us. Why? Because we are the light of the world.

The good news is that we are all getting an opportunity right now to surrender. We are now in a new energy, new space, new time. All lights are green. Believe me, there is no hiding place.

For me, this has happened in my family, in my health, and in my relationships of taking a new look and listen to the voice within and starting to trust myself.

Are you ready to do what you came to the planet to do? For some of us it’s changing jobs, changing careers, changing your major if you are in school, waking up to your gifts and talents, or just having the courage to start your own business or service. Once we start, the universe will support us. All of our needs will be met. Some of us will go for some training courses which will enhance our own self esteem. There are many online courses to jump into to help you begin your journey of healing with no excuses of inclement weather or travel. Some of these courses that dissolves all financial issues, are free. I just found a few free courses online courses myself and I am taking advantage of it now! Jo Dunning - Quick pulse clearing sessions. Richard Fidler Astrology course You tube.There are also other kind of courses just google you will find them on many topics.

The mind will interfere and say, “why keep trying when it didn’t work the last time?!” Well, just because it’s slow it doesn’t mean it’s a NO. Some of us will know deep within, what no longer works for us. Time to get in touch with your own intuition .

Ask yourself how are you in your personal relationships? Or spouse, or partner, do you see it going nowhere? Are you two living together or dying together? Are you bored? Yet you continue to allow something to tie you up and keep you in this relationship? That is called fear. Fear of being alone, fear of making it on your own. Fear of what people will say. Fear of wondering how he or she will make it if you leave. Fear of losing a house, car, or material gains . Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. If you allow it this full moon and eclipse will be eclipsing stuff out, so surrender. This full moon energy is bringing twin flames together so if you have been single and going around like a mary go round as some of us have for a while, don’t give up. This is for those who know intuitively that this person is from a past life. This is not based on sexual attraction, even though it may have happened that way in the beginning. It’s based on a knowing. Something is being birthed in you now and if you can trust the process, you will get the support you need. Remember when one door closes another one opens. Again All lights are green so MOVE.

Another energy this full Moon brings us is courage. Courage is the main ingredient when a person decides it’s time for a change. I have several times in my life needed courage in order to face something that would bring change in my life. Once was after 21 years, In 1979 I decided I needed to be off of drugs. Through surrendering my life over to my God through prayer, struggle, and pain something happened October 31st 1984 in my bedroom. I was about to jump out of my 3rd floor widow because I could not take shooting another drug. Though I had been in the church since 1979 it took time. Well that evening I was at my window and I said, “God, if you can’t take me off these drugs I will kill myself”, and I meant it. Suddenly the power of the Holy Spirit came and I felt it with lots of crying, seeing my life flash before me, full of painful memories, but also seeing new vision of my life . It went on for 7 days and 7 nights. That one moment changed me in seconds. I never touched another drug as well as did not need any meetings or rehabilitation. Now, this is my journey, just to give you perspective. From then on I served and studied and got in touch with the voice inside of me and still do, everyday. Do you believe there’s a voice inside of you who speaks to you? Then take time everyday to sit in the silence at least 5 minutes. Do this two to three times a day and you will notice the start of a whole new chapter of your Soul evolution. “We are here to grow through courage rather than fear”, as told to me by one of my teachers. Learning to choose freedom over fear, choose love over hate, choose forgiveness over being right, choose a new thought over the old worn out paradigms we have been living in. “Choosing to love yourself,” as Louise Hay teaches. It’s time.

Another way we can heal is taking the time to go to the movies, but this movie you don’t have to leave the house. No, it’s your movie, your life, your journey. Watch the lens in which you view yourself and others. Keep your eye focused so your whole body can be full of light. When we are always seeing something wrong, then that’s how we see ourselves. If we are always fighting for something be it a cause or just family, friends etc. then we are fighting something within ourselves and it will show up in all we think, say and do. This full moon will bring us more into acceptance. We don’t have to be perfect. Learning to love yourself sometimes takes someone with eyes of love to be in your life, to love you. However, as time goes by, it’s your own responsibility to apply that love to yourself from yourself.

Martin Luther King showed us through his mission, that fighting would not end the racism we’re going through. He put a twist to it and advocated peace. He said, “Love is the force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.” Are you ready for that? Let’s become our own observer. Journaling helps me. Especially if I take the time and look back over it. Then I see a constant daily behavior that no longer serves me . I ignore it at times until it keeps showing up, then I surrender and ask for help. Yes, help. The creator who made me is always here to support me, along with my own personal Angels and guides who were appointed when I decided to come here for my life lessons. This is in the earthly realm as well as the Spirit realm.

Yes we are in school here on planet earth. The more we surrender the higher the grade we get. Look at the physical school routine. We start in kindergarten, then we move up to first grade, then second grade, and so on and so forth. We get to a place where we even graduate and it’s exciting. We then may go to college or other studies that enhance our growth . Life is about growth. What if you had a child who is 16 years old and is still in the 4th grade, wouldn’t you be a concerned parent? You would take them to the doctor to see what is the problem. Well God does the same thing. God is concerned about us as a universe and the Mother Earth is doing something about it. I am also concerned when I have witnessed so many people who died with their gifts, talents, inventions and ideas inside of them. As motivational speaker Les Brown has said, “The graveyard is the richest place in this universe and I agree.”

Don’t leave here only experiencing the 5th grade. It’s time to go all the way!

Here are a few disciplines to support you, if you choose.


2. Pray everyday (how long is up to you). Meditate for 5 minutes to start the day. This will increase. If you don’t know how to pray connect with me. I am a prayer advocate.

3. Journaling, about your life. writing in the evening preferably 5 things you’re grateful for.

4. Take yourself to your movie at least once a week and watch your own performance. If you are not happy ask for HELP from your creator, Angels, and guides friend etc.

5. Watch your thoughts. (as a person thinks so they will be )

6. Watch the company you keep. (without judgments) Be the observer of yourself.

7. Find a mentor someone who will support you in moving and shifting your perspective on life.

8. Write wishes down doing moon cycles. Full Moon release. New moon make wishes.

9. Get your GPS for life. ( Astrology chart) ( I can support you with that)

10. Choose life through Joy, rather than pointless and painful activities. ( You are the thinker that thinks the thoughts that produces the experiences in your life.)

I am available to give you support please go to my website:

Love, Joy, and good fortune

Vanda Guzman

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