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To the Life is so Beautiful experience 

About Us

The L.I.S.B Mission

Life is so Beautiful LLC was created to provide support to people worldwide. Through love, harmony, and balance L.I.S.B wants to be a guiding light to connect those to happier and healthier lifestyles. We are all in search of something. Through love and spiritual practice, we become closer to our Destiny, one body, one mind, and one heart. Our ultimate goal is to inspire others with love and encourage you to live the beauty of life, through your higher self. These Ancient Wisdom Principals have been taught throughout the ages, and they still apply to the universal laws of today. Our mission is to show that Love Is all there is by being an example. By making this commitment, we all stay on purpose while watching the transformation of an old world becoming new.

"Cherish the beauty of life and fly"

with LOVE- Vanda

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Vanda is a certified Angel intuitive card reader certified by Doreen Virtue. Vanda loves building people up, providing hope and inspiration, it is her life's mission. She received the power of the Holy Spirit on October 31, 1984. After which she started a drug ministry at Bethel A.M.E. Church in Baltimore Maryland. The name of the ministry is FREEDOM NOW. After that she returned to school and got her G.E.D. then went to College. She accepted the call as Evangelist and was ordained in 1988.

I've had many life experiences and have worked diligently to over come, and grow through all the challenges placed before me. To battling addiction, rejection, and abuse, I've learned the "art" in suffering. My life was a blank canvas until I began to master the use of my paint brush. Once I made the conscious decision to live life abundantly and not at the mercy of my circumstances, my life changed. I'm now devoted to being a light of love and to help spark change in those who may be struggling and need guildance on their journey.Through prayer and meditation I've built a stronger connection to source, which has helped me develop my gifts as a clairvoyant (prophetess, medium) . I understand that we all deserve a healthy, happy, and prosperous life, however it takes working on yourself to achieve those things. It’s worth it, especially when you know you are here to raise the vibration of the planet through love. God gives us all free will, life starts with a choice make the choice to LIVE, because life is so Beautiful.



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Vanda Guzman

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Life is so beautiful - Vanda Guzman
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